Real Presence Radio

Here are links to the audio and video clips from the Real Presence Radio sessions at St. Andrews!

Wednesday, 9/16/2020
Meet Tom Schulzetenberg, following God's call outside of seminary = 
Deacon Dan Goshey and Fr. Daniel Weiske, a roundtable led by the Spirit = 
Meet Paula Mitchell, who shares the sufferings and blessings of a child with a brain infection =
Special guest Angela Wambach discusses caring for women through COVID-19 =
Wednesday, 8/5/2020
Meet Kirk Ripplinger, called to be a servant for the Church = 
Deacon Dan Goshey, Fr. Daniel Weiske, and Dan Johnson =  
Meet father and son (a future deacon and a future priest) Dan and Luke O'Reilly! =
Special guest Nellie Goshey discusses what it's like to have a deacon for a dad =
Wednesday, 7/15/2020
*Meet the newest priest of the Diocese of Duluth, Fr. Matt Miller = 
*Deacon Dan & Fr. Daniel visit with guest Seminarian Daniel Hammer, along with Deacon Trevor Peterson =
*Meet guest Dan O'Reilly, as he shares his following of the call to the permanent diaconate =
*Julie Trienen shares a wife's perspective on the journey to the diaconate =

Wednesday, 6/10/2020
*Deacon Dan Goshey and Fr. Daniel Weiske visit with Jason Adkins, Executive Director, Minnesota Catholic Conference - Drawing the lines when it comes to publicly practicing our faith. =
*Deacon Dan Goshey, Fr. Daniel Weiske and Dan Johnson - Taking the discussion wherever the Holy Spirit leads! =
*Father Tony Wroblewski, Reflecting on 25 years of priesthood! =
*Deacon Trevor Peterson, Fresh off his ordination to the transitional diaconate! =

Tuesday, 5/12/2020
* Deacon Dan Goshey & Fr. Daniel Weiske visit with guest Fr. Jason Lefor =
* Guests Melina Birchem and Dan Johnson speak about their experiences with the St. Andrew’s & St. Mathias parish community for the Incredible Parish Challenge =
* Deacon Dan & Fr. Daniel visit with guest Deacon John Weiske (Father’s Father!) =
* Guests Dan Johnson & Katie Jacobson share Katie’s incredible journey to the Catholic Church (If you've never heard her story before, you DO NOT want to miss this!) =
Wednesday, 5/6/2020
* Mass =
* Keeping kids busy, happy, and holy while at home with Rebecca Thiesse =
* Running a grocery store amidst these trying times with Deacon Chuck Welte =
* From the classroom to online teaching: the coronavirus dance with Jen Nagel, Principle at St. Francis of the Lakes Catholic School =
* Rosary: Join us in praying for all those affected by the corona virus outbreak =
Video clip of the Mass. (Starts at the 6:53 mark.) 
Wednesday, 4/28/2020
* Mass =
* Working through anxiety in a healthy way =
* Giving thanks for the heroic care & sacrifice of healthcare workers =
* The bold leap-of-faith to stop promoting birth control =
* Rosary: Join us in praying for all those affected by the corona virus outbreak.=
Video clip of the Mass. (Starts at the 12:30 mark.)